To wear a prom tuxedo or a prom suit.

The primary physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin, as the definition above suggests. Tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers. Suits don’t incorporate any satin and usually have either plastic buttons or buttons faced with the same fabric as the coat (aka self buttons.)

But more than the physical difference, it’s important to note that a tuxedo sends a different message than a suit does.

A prom tuxedo sends the message that you’re wearing something specifically for this memorable occasion and you would look out of place anywhere else. It commemorates the event in a way that a suit can’t. You can certainly look incredibly dapper in a suit, but you can wear a suit anywhere, any day, regardless of whether you typically do or not. A tuxedo is a special ensemble that you only wear for special occasions. That’s the point of it, and the reason we prefer tuxedos over suits for proms.

Tuxedo Trends: The Best of the 2013 Emmys!


Every year the creators, casts, and crews of our favorite TV shows all dress up and get together on the red carpet to find out who performed their craft the best. The Emmy Awards specifically recognize television programs, making it one of the biggest and most relevant awards ceremonies annually.

If you tuned in this year, you may notice that host Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t wearing the same thing as the promo shot.  Instead he opted for a deep burgundy tuxedo jacket (which was great) paired with a striped long tie (which wasn’t so great.)  And there was a strong contingency of men that followed suit.  Many men opted for non-black tuxedos.  When done well, this is a trend we can get behind, because it celebrates formal wear without breaking the rules.

Sadly, many men also opted for long ties.  And while most men still looked great doing it, they looked like they were wearing suits, which is regrettable for such a prestigious evening.  Fashion authorities from across the internet agree that wearing long ties for formal occasions of this caliber is an outdated trend that should be left in the dark corners of our sartorial past.  

Happily, the majority of the men in attendance embraced the evening’s formal nature and looked incredible in classic tuxedos paired with bow ties.  Some of the tuxedos were classic 1 button peaks and shawls, as black tie attire calls for.  Others were 2 button notch tuxedos which is generally considered a more modern take on black tie, if not somewhat more pedestrian.  Regardless, our top picks were all able to preserve the guiding principals of Black Tie that make it such a timeless stalwart of masculinity.

Some of the best dressed men at the 2013 Emmy Awards Ceremony included: Damian Lewis, Jon Hamm, Michael Douglas, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmell, Jim Parsons, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston. --By Michael Armstrong


Michael Kors Debuts a Line of Tuxedos for 2014!


Michael Kors is a label that has long been successful in the world of women’s apparel and accessories as well as some men’s accessories.  The Michael Kors label is well recognized as a high end provider of luxurious and fashionable merchandise.  Michael Kors has built up a reputation and expectation of impeccable quality for high end items.  And now, with that guiding principal in tact, they have recently announced that they are entering into the world of men’s rental formal wear with the debut of a new line of tuxedos!  These tuxedos will hit the rental market in Spring of 2014, and will be manufactured by FLOW Formals.

Here’s the really exciting part.  We will be offering two of the new Michael Kors tuxedos in the Spring of 2014, available to rent.   Added to our rental offerings will be the Black ‘Desire’ Tuxedo and the Black ‘Obsession’ Tuxedo by Michael Kors.