Tuxedos in Movies: James Bond’s Midnight Blue Tuxedo in ‘Skyfall’

After decades of trend setting, nobody needs me to explain who the figure is pictured above.  At this point, James Bond is nearly as recognizable as Santa Claus.  You know Santa, right?  Red Suit?  Big white Beard?  Jolly?  Good.  Now, as weird of a comparison as it is, James Bond and Santa Claus do have something in common that is relevant to the picture above.  They are both largely recognized for what they wear.  James Bond has a taste for the finer… finest things in life, and so it’s not uncommon for him to be sporting a black tie tuxedo while he saves the world.  What IS uncommon however is James Bond sporting a Midnight Blue Tuxedo.

Director and Designer Tom Ford has long been one of the biggest names in mens sartorial fashion in America. Because of that, Tom Ford is making all of the tuxedos that appear in this year’s newest Bond movie, set to release in late October.  Mr. Ford has a very conservative edge when it comes to formal wear.  His take is to stick with the basics and just do that better than anyone else.  He’s known for succeeding in that endeavor.  So why does a designer known for being conservative when it comes to black tie attire put James Bond in a blue tuxedo?  The answer actually makes a lot of sense.


Midnight blue is an appropriate substitution for black in black tie attire, and is actually considered by many to be MORE formal than black.  And if you’ll excuse the pun, that rule doesn’t just come out of the blue.  It’s all about the darkest dark.  Under certain lights, black tuxedos can take on a greenish hue.  Under these and many other lighting conditions, midnight blue actually looks blacker than black, and therefor more formal than black.  So now, what seemed to be a step away from Bond’s typical evening wear is actually a step up.

007′s new midnight blue tuxedo (or dinner jacket as he would say) is already generating a lot of internet buzz.  Swaggering around in the first midnight blue tuxedo Bond has worn in 50 years (1962 – Sean Connery – Dr. No – See Jimmy’s comment below) puts this year’s Bond on pace to be the best dressed Bond ever.  These are exciting times for secret agents, and particularly frustrating times for any secret agency wishing he’d just keep a low profile.