Terms and Conditions for 2014 Tux Bucks Program by Tommy's Tuxedos®

Thank you for joining our Tux Bucks for Schools ("TB") Program. By joining, your school has the opportunity to earn $5 for every tuxedo rental (minimum coat and pants) rented for your school's prom event, which must occur no later than June 29, 2014 ("Event"). Specifically, when a student comes into a Tommy's Tuxedos® store to arrange for a tuxedo rental for the Event, that student will be asked for school information. If the student thereafter picks up his/her tuxedo for the Event and pays the rental fees in full (no refund for no reason whatsoever), then your school will earn $5 cash (minimum 25 prom tuxedo rentals). It's that simple!

Rules and Regulations:

1. Your school does not earn any funds until a minimum of twenty-five (25) students rent tuxedos to attend your Event. To be clear, if between 1 and 24 students rent tuxedos for your Event, then your school would not receive any funds. If 25 students rent tuxedos for your Event, then your school will receive $125. If 50 students rent tuxedos for your Event, then your school will receive $250, and so on.

2. Tommy's Tuxedos® must receive and accept your request to join our TB Program at least four (4) weeks before the earlier of your Event(s) or June 29, 2014. No late submissions will be considered, except at sole and absolute discretion of Tommy's Tuxedos®.

3. No amounts will be earned for tuxedos rented by students after the Event.

Participation includes the following:

1. Encouraging your students to rent their Prom tuxedos from Tommy's Tuxedos® (the more referrals the more your school can earn).

2. Encouraging your student leaders to become Prom Reps, to provide further discounts to other students and to earn a FREE tuxedo, and cash prizes.

3. Encouraging students and their parents to visit our website, or one of our stores, to learn about the Prom Rep Challenge.

4. Allowing Tommy's Tuxedos® to conduct fashion shows on your campus, if available.

5. Displaying collateral material we create for you, such as posters and flyers to help promote your Prom.

6. Allowing Tommy's Tuxedos® to participate in Prom committee meetings or other related meetings to build awareness of your school's participation in the TB program.

7. Delivering Tommy's Tuxedos® Prom messages via your school's Website and email, spreading word of your school's participation in Tux Bucks Program among students and their parents.

By signing this form, you represent and warrant that you are (a) over 18 years of age, and (b) authorized to represent the school identified here, as it relates to the Event. You also agree and understand, on behalf of yourself and your school, that (a) participation in the TB Program is subject to the terms and conditions stated herein; (b) your school will not receive any funds unless you provide the school's Federal Tax ID number via a W9 and/or represent that the school is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a Letter of Determination from the IRS; (c) amounts owed will be delivered by check to the principal of the school, at the address submitted with this application and checks will be payable to the school; and (d) if any check is not cashed before the expiration stated on the check itself, then the funds will be considered forfeited and Tommy's Tuxedos® will make no further efforts to distribute the funds. Tommy's Tuxedos® will make commercially reasonable efforts to issue the checks within five (5) weeks after the Event.


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Please email this form to marketing@tommystuxedos.com or mail to Tommy's Tuxedos® Headquarters at 17690 N.W. 78 Ave #101, Hialeah, FL 33015.