How to Take Measurements


How to Measure the Chest

When taking the chest measurements, position the measuring tape under the arms and around the broadest part of the chest.  Make sure to pull the tape snug until you feel a slight tension.  Too tight or too loose will give you an inaccurate measurement.  Make sure the tape is level on both sides and parallel to the floor. Do not place your fingers between the chest and the tape.


How to Measure the Waist

Your correct waist measurement helps us ensure your pants and coat fit just right.  Place the tape around your waist one inch above your navel.  Avoid placing the tape over a belt.  Too tight or too loose will give you an inaccurate measurement.


How to Measure your Outseam Measurement

To get an accurate pant outseam, ask the gentleman to take off his shoes and look straight ahead during the measurement process. Pull the tape down, holding firmly with one hand while taking the tape all the way down to the floor with the other.