About Our Shop:  The boutique experience in tuxedo rental. 

With over 30 years of experience in tending to the most discriminating of tastes in men’s formal wear, Tommy's Tuxedos® always has the right tuxedo in the right size for every occasion.  

Elegant, dashing, and stylish…three words that describe a man in a well-fitting tuxedo.  Whether it is for a wedding, prom, or any other formal event, finding the right tuxedo at the right price is not an easy endeavor.  In South Florida, we are fortunate enough to have Tommy’s Tuxedos ®.  

Huge Selection and Affordability.  From modern fitting blacks and skinny tuxedos to several shades of grey, Tommy’s Tuxedos® has the most competitive prices and the largest variety of tuxedo fits.  Delivery service and same day tuxedo rentals are available.  Browse our online catalog at www.TTuxedos.com.   

Tommy’s Tuxedos Miami is located in Plaza 87, 890 S.W. 87 Ave, Miami, FL 33174.  Tel: 305-553-4416.

Tommy’s Tuxedos Miami Lakes is located in the P.S.N Town Center, 17690 NW 78 Ave, Miami, FL 33015.  Tel: 305-512-9122.