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Red Illusions Slim Fit Tuxedo


Sometimes it's best to stick with tradition. When it's not, go red! The red 'Illusion' tuxedo coat by Jean Yves needs no introduction. This undeniably cool red tuxedo coat is accented by a black single button front, black satin slanted besom pockets, and black satin trim on the self micro-notch lapel. As if that weren't cool enough, you can flip up the collar for an alternate stand up collar with black trim! This is the perfect tuxedo coat for your prom, quinceanera, cruise, or anytime you're signing autographs.


Rental includes: 

  • Matching slim trousers.
  • White fitted laydown shirt or Black laydown shirt.
  • Black or colored vest.
  • Choice of bowtie or windsor tie
  • Choice of pocket square
  • Black formal shoes


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